damage in protests in Greece; police inactivity, 13th February 2012

Protest continues; and political destruction continues likewise, as does police inactivity. Following the national 12th February protests and riots, there were local actions.

As Occupied London observed, ‘[t]hese turned violent‘. The people have been characterised as ‘anti-authoritarians [αντεξουσιαστές]‘; but there were tens of people, only ‘some [of whom were] wearing helmets [κάποια φορώντας κράνη]’. They appear to be simply outraged citizens, the Aganaktismenoi (Αγανακτισμένοι).


Party/parliamentary/bureaucratic property

They ’caused material damage [προκάλεσαν υλικές ζημιές]’ to the party office of the Christian far-right Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS).


(They also ‘caus[ed] damage [προκαλούν φθορές]’ to an ATM/cash machine in the entrance of an apartment building in Skaltsodimou Street.)

General commercial properties

They ’caused material damage [προκάλεσαν υλικές ζημιές]’ to (photo link) Gold Buyers pawn shop (ενεχυροδανειστήριο; on Democracy Square).

Public services

The front of the Post Office on Dimadi Square sustained ‘serious material damage [σοβαρές υλικές ζημιές]’.

Personal private property

(They also ‘overturn[ed] [αναποδογύρισει [sic – αναποδογυρίσει]]’ a car parked in front of the post office; and caused ‘damage [ζημιές]’ to cars in Stratou Square.)


Party/parliamentary/bureaucratic property

In the Achaia district of Patras, the Outraged went to the party office of pro-austerity PASOK MP, Minister of National Defence, Kostas Spiliopoulos (in Maizonos Street). They ‘tore the door to pieces. They turned the offices upside-down, and smashed whatever they found in front of them [έκαναν κομμάτια την πόρτα. Αναποδογύρισαν γραφεία και έσπασαν ό,τι βρήκαν μπροστά τους]’ (all photo links).

Police (in)activity

As Agrinio Culture dryly observed, ‘typical, however, [was] the delay in the police’s intervention, since the anti-authoritarians managed to surprise the authorities with their evening attack [Χαρακτηριστική πάντως είναι η καθυστέρηση της αστυνομίας να επέμβει, αφού οι αντεξουσιαστές κατάφεραν με την αποψινή τους επίθεση να αιφνιδιάσουν τις αρχές]’.

Since the protesters appear to have been the Outraged, rather than the Mask-Wearers, police inactivity cannot be explained as collaboration with parastate trouble-makers.  Perhaps it is a more general strategy of allowing a minority’s momentary, isolated acts of violence in order to excuse subsequent, heavy-handed repression of the popular movement.

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