WikiLoot: the Knight Foundation News Networks Challenge

Chasing Aphrodite (Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino) have proposed the establishment of WikiLoot, an ‘open source web platform, or wiki, for the publication and analysis of a unique archive of primary source records and photographs documenting the illicit trade in looted antiquities’.

It’s being discussed on Facebook. I’ve thought about it. And I’ve discussed it with colleagues who work in source countries (the victims of looting, theft and the collateral damage of the illicit antiquities trade). This proposal shows real promise.

The Knight Foundation News Networks Challenge ‘seeks projects that use the best of existing software and platforms – those already integrated into people’s lives – to find new ways to convey news and information‘. Felch and Frammolino have submitted WikiLoot for consideration for the Knight Foundation award. Good luck, WikiLoot!

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