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Walk of Truth: background

I am currently trying to clear my backlog of blog posts. Weirdly/Appropriately/Awkwardly enough, I found a months-old stub on Walk of Truth, the NGO for which I now work. I suppose, now, in case they read it, I also have to state that I did not write it at work…(1) This is just a brief note on the background to Walk of Truth, based on founder Tasoula Georgiou-Hadjitofi’s interview in the Cyprus Mail, and her exhibition catalogue article.

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I’m offline for the next two weeks, then back with a job; and it’s entirely due to my online work

Right now, I’m offline working on a publication or two, and a glass of wine or three, in France. In mid-June, I will return – like Gandalf after his battle with the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm – as a member of Walk of Truth, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the Hague; it is dedicated to protecting cultural heritage, and supporting peace-building dialogue, in conflict zones and divided societies.

(To the disbelief of family and friends) I have a job! After nearly two years of unemployment, punctuated by precarious, sometimes illegal work, I have a worthwhile (and legal), full-time job. And it is entirely due to my online work. The NGO found me online; it saw my work online (and my ability to present it there); and after some server/system-based misfortune, which nearly reduced everyone’s efforts to naught, it saw my appeal for (successful) contact online.

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