@samarkeolog Twitter archive: political violence in Greece

Partly to help me (publicly) archive material from before my @conflictantiq Twitter feed on looting and destruction of cultural and community property, partly to help me clarify (for myself) what I want to document on it, I’ve copied-and-pasted(-and-hyperlinked) the (immediately or otherwise) relevant material from my @samarkeolog Twitter feed (primarily on professional, Balkan and Mediterranean matters).

It was a huge time sink; but I am utterly dedicated to uneconomic(al) activity.

@samarkeolog tweets on political violence in Greece are here.

Greece: political violence

‘#Greece alternative headline: state keeps fascist elements “in reserve” and uses them for its own purposes @xstefanou‘ (26th October 2012)

‘headline story: Golden Dawn has infiltrated Greek police, claims officer @xstefanou‘ (26th October 2012)

‘.@hrw: ‘alarming vigilante violence [against asylum seekers] as well as police abuse in Greece’ v @draperha @Ziya_Meral‘ (19th October 2012 [17th October 2012])

’50-60%+ ‘support for Golden Dawn inside the police force‘; police torture #NeoNazis’ opponents #Greece @paulmasonnews‘ (17th October 2012)

‘#NeoNazi #GoldenDawn MP #Panagiotaros: party is ‘at war with the political system‘ #Greece @paulmasonnews‘ (17th October 2012)

‘For those outside Greece, a man died after a bomb blew up in his hands. 60 more where found in his house. His partner, walked free. Both GD (@YiannisBab, 16th October 2012)

‘Greek Journalist Tweets Harrowing Story Of Getting Beat Up By The Golden Dawn’ (@businessinsider, 11th October 2012)

‘clash between anarchists and (Golden Dawn) fascists in Patra; one restaurant and four cars damaged v @ekathimerini‘ (11th October 2012)

‘(acc to @doradidit small gas canister-based) arson of ATMs, supermarket and cars in Athens v @protothema v @VeriasA‘ (11th October 2012)

arson causes ‘serious damage’ to Democratic Left party offices on Ethnikis Antistaseos, Athens v @protothema v @VeriasA‘ (11th October 2012)

Greek anti-fascist protesters ‘tortured by police’ after Golden Dawn clash‘ (@damomac, 9th October 2012 – original tweet’s link cut but fixed)

‘destruction in #12fgr, #13fgr riots outside Athens shows targeting of symbolic political sites‘ (21st August 2012)

‘Occupied London’s Revolt and Crisis in Greece (PDF), including – yay! – spatial analysis of the December 2008 uprising’ (8th May 2012)

‘unknown persons attacked, petrol-bombed riot police outside Culture Ministry, Exarchia, Athens, Greece v @ekathimerini‘ (23rd April 2012)

Bomb explodes outside #Athens bank; 3rd such attack in 2 weeks #Greece #rbnews v @ekathimerini’ (@VeriasA, 14th April 2012)

‘My blog post on #4AGR events, as well as a recent history of police attacks on journalists #Greece #rbnews’ (@VeriasA, 5th April 2012)

‘Economic crises spur nationalistic fervor and #Greece is no exception @UNHCRGreece says racist violence “spreading at a terrifying pace”‘ (@VeriasA, 27th March 2012)

‘#Greece Parade/protests in #Patras. Police orders around 1’50”: “Hit them, all of you, hit them” via @funkilias #25mgr’ (@IrateGreek, 25th March 2012)

‘A week after I was beaten by @astynomia my back started hurting; MRI shows I now have herniated disc #ACAB #Greece’ (@VeriasA, 22nd March 2012)

‘update on New York Times’ misreporting of destruction on #12fgr #Greece: I think I’ve worked out source of its error‘ (8th March 2012)

‘I’ve corrected @RachelDonadio & the @nytimes but they’ve not corrected the article on arson on #12fgr in #Greece‘ (7th March 2012)

‘Happy Anniversary! RT @GreekReporter Protesters Clashed With Riot Police During Parade In Rhodes Island’ (7th March 2012)

‘examples of #policebrutality, and collaboration with agents provocateurs and fascists, in #Greece’ (7th March 2012)

‘way to make a point (that you’re dicks) RT @ekathimerini Blast rocks Piraeus ship supply company, injures woman’ (29th February 2012)

‘thnkflly incompetent gits, Urban Guerrilla War (Antartiko Poleon) claim Athens, Egaleo metro bomb @ekathimerini dlvr.it/1Fh3Jd #Greece’

‘lucky they’re incompetent RT @asteris TR @athenstransport Bomb in Athens metro, Egaleo “ineptly connected” #Greece’ (25th February 2012)

‘damage in #protests in #Greece; police inactivity, 13th February 2012 #13fgr’ (19th February 2012)

‘which words should I search Twitter for tonight? τραπεζα, φωτια, καταστραφηκε… #WeAreAllGreeks’ (18th February 2012)

‘massively updated record of destruction in #12fgr #riots, #Greece; now 71 places, 8 cities. Most common target, #banks‘ (17th February 2012)

‘updated blog on destruction in #riots in #Greece; attacks on #museum & #memorial; possibility of agents provocateurs‘ (16th February 2012)

Κακοποιοί επιτέθηκαν Νομισματικό #Μουσειο. Ευτυχώς *ανίκανοι* κακοποιοί. Μόνο έβλαψαν είσοδο wp.me/p1MKSc-9K #Αθηνα #Ελλαδα #12fgr’ (15th February 2012)

thugs did attack Numismatic #Museum; thankfully *incompetent* thugs; only damaged entrance #Athens #Greece #12fgr’ (15th February 2012)

@RegularGrrrl @Sigmalivecom the damage was only to the Asty’s entrance; thankfully, the building’s heavy/fire doors protected cinema&jail’ (15th January 2012)

@RegularGrrrl the interior was burned. @Sigmalivecom published a photo of the Asty on fire’ (15th February 2012)

@AndyDabilis also, did you mean the *Numismatic* Museum was burned (out/down)? The War Museum is 1.5km away from the Attikon. Cheers’ (15th February 2012)

@AndyDabilis Hi. You reported that the WWII museum next to the Attikon was ‘gone‘. Burned down or “just” closed down?’ (15th February 2012)

@RegularGrrrl ty again! Apparently, Asty was burned; but did not burn down (and it/next room was torture chamber)’ (15th February 2012)

‘record of unprecedented #damage and #destruction in #protests, #riots in #Greece, 12th February 2012′ (13th February 2012)

‘TR @The_Drude RIP fuck, explosions inside Attikon Apollon cinema, it’s getting dangerous… lockerz.com/s/183174208 #12fgr #Athens’ (@asteris, 12th February 2012)

‘Buildings on fire, foreign journalists attacked, old ladies teargassed, chaos and ugliness’ (@joannakakissis, 12th February 2012)

‘TT @stratosathens OK, now they’ve burned Starbucks, capitalism’s been wounded. And 20 people are unemployed from this evening. #kafroi’ (12th February 2012)

‘Skai TV reports that police have run out of tear gas & have asked for more supplies to be brought. #Greece’ (@NickMalkoutzis, 12th February 2012)

‘Though masked youths fighting in front, women next to me feel gas is “collective punishment” as they had assembled peacefully. Molotovs now’ (@paulmasonnews, 12th February 2012)

‘exodus from country (to century’s repeated trauma of ksenitia); violence vs immigrant workers; turn/push to extreme politics&acts #Greece’ (10th February 2012)

‘Min.s of Finance, Health and Labour, 1 hospital(!), 20+ town halls under occupation; general strike; attempts to storm parliament #Greece’ (10th February 2012)

‘politicians agreed national serfdom; EU/ECB/IMF troika demanded more, (further) humiliating government/state&enraging people #Greece’ (10th February 2012)

‘disintegrating pushmi-pullyu government; street violence; police split between beating protesters&arresting troika for blackmail #Greece’ (10th February 2012)

‘Tweeps report violence on Syntagma Square now. #Greece #athens #10fgr’ (@zoemavroudi, 10th February 2012)

‘Hundreds of extremists march through Athens, attack migrants. 42 detained, released. Sign of times? via @ekathimerini‘ (@NickMalkoutzis, 30th January 2012 – original tweet’s link broken/dead)

armed, plain-clothes anti-terrorist police in peaceful crowd; beaten, disarmed #Greece via @teacherdude @albertjohn‘ (18th January 2012)


  • I didn’t include ambiguous tweets, mid-event tweets, etc.
  • I removed incomplete sentences added by automatic tweet generators.
  • I converted in-tweet links into hyperlinked text.
  • I didn’t provide the permalink to my own tweets of links, because it would’ve meant a flood of unnecessary links and “@samarkeolog”s (and swallowed even more time).
  • Because my early tweets’ links weren’t clickable, I copied-and-pasted all of the tweets themselves (rather than links for embedding), but it’s far, far too time-consuming to continue to do that.

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