@samarkeolog Twitter archive: destruction of cultural and community property in Turkey

Partly to help me (publicly) archive material from before my @conflictantiq Twitter feed on looting and destruction of cultural and community property, partly to help me clarify (for myself) what I want to document on it, I’ve copied-and-pasted(-and-hyperlinked) the (immediately or otherwise) relevant material from my @samarkeolog Twitter feed (primarily on professional, Balkan and Mediterranean matters).

It was a huge time sink; but I am utterly dedicated to uneconomic(al) activity.

@samarkeolog tweets on the destruction of cultural and community property in Turkey are here.

Turkey: destruction of cultural and community property

Malatya Municipality destroyed #Armenian cemetery chapel
because it had hut for guard against its #destruction? #Turkey’ (6th February 2012)

‘RT @HDNER Armenia marks 1915 killings / Crane arrives to topple “Monument to Humanity” in Turkey’ (24th April 2011)

@tarafonline also thinks Yirmibesoglu’s false flag attack confession was of Bayraktar & Omeriye mosques’ bombings’ (29th September 2010)

@HDNER Turkish deep state confession, false flag attack on mosque, Cyprus – not news, Bayraktar & Ömeriye bombing known‘ (24th September 2010)

‘local anger at gentrification, community displacement, may be reason for attack on Tophane, Istanbul art galleries’ (24th September 2010)

Events of September 2005, Istanbul’ (1st June 2010)

Events of September 1955, Greece, Turkey’ (31st May 2010)

‘Istanbul riots, September 1955: Albanian protection of Greek Orthodox church‘ (12th February 2010)


  • I didn’t include ambiguous tweets, mid-event tweets, etc.
  • I removed incomplete sentences added by automatic tweet generators.
  • I converted in-tweet links into hyperlinked text.
  • I didn’t provide the permalink to my own tweets of links, because it would’ve meant a flood of unnecessary links and “@samarkeolog”s (and swallowed even more time).
  • Because my early tweets’ links weren’t clickable, I copied-and-pasted all of the tweets themselves (rather than links for embedding), but it’s far, far too time-consuming to continue to do that.

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