@samarkeolog Twitter archive: illicit antiquities trade in Cyprus

Partly to help me (publicly) archive material from before my @conflictantiq Twitter feed on looting and destruction of cultural and community property, partly to help me clarify (for myself) what I want to document on it, I’ve copied-and-pasted(-and-hyperlinked) the (immediately or otherwise) relevant material from my @samarkeolog Twitter feed (primarily on professional, Balkan and Mediterranean matters).

It was a huge time sink; but I am utterly dedicated to uneconomic(al) activity.

@samarkeolog tweets on the illicit antiquities trade in Cyprus are here.

Cyprus: illicit antiquities trade

‘guess not, Cyprus cut out the middle man&bought direct from the gang MT @arttheft Any that involved auction house&made front page of NYT?’ (5th March 2012)

‘Cyprus has bought back looted antiquities for decades MT @arttheft What precedent will Cambodia set if it buys back looted art?’ (5th March 2012)

‘#Cyprus: antiquities market as well as source MT @culturalprop Woman Arrested Smuggling Coins INTO Cyprus #archaeology’ (18th February 2012)

‘Interpol used excavation archive, caught #antiquities #smugglers MT @cyprusmail Ayios Epiktitos-Vrysi national treasure’ (23rd October 2011)

Cultural Heritage Work in Cyprus: DPhil thesis – electronic publication’ (27th August 2011)

@brennawalks, presumably Hawass inspected Museum of Egyptian Antiquities during army torturers‘ tea break(s)…’ (10th February 2011)

‘Cypriot antiquities in Belgium, public and private collections‘ (6th February 2011)

Ashmolean Museum, Cypriot antiquities’ (5th February 2011)

Badischen State Museum, Karlsruhe; Cypriot antiquities’ (2nd February 2011)

‘Boy George returned stolen Cypriot icon‘ (28th January 2011)

‘Cypriot antiquities, Severis Collection – intercommunal conflict, bicommunal illicit antiquities trade’ (21st January 2011)

‘Cypriot antiquities, Pierides Foundation Museum, Larnaca’ (14th January 2011)

‘Cypriot antiquities, George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection‘ (13th January 2011)

Phylactou Collection, Cypriot antiquities; British colonial failure’ (12th January 2011)

Cypriot antiquities law on looted artefacts and private collections’ (11th January 2011)

conflict antiquities as political tools against war’ (5th January 2011)

‘Cypriot Treasures: looted antiquities as political tools in conflict’ (5th January 2011)

Munich Museum, Bronze Age Cypriot antiquities’ (4th January 2011)

Louvre Museum, Chalcolithic to Roman Cypriot antiquities’ (3rd January 2011)

‘Tompa’s incorrect claim on looted Cypriot antiquities collecting’ (1st January 2011)

Louvre Museum, Bronze Age Cypriot antiquities’ (30th December 2010)

‘registered Cypriot antiquities, Hungarian collections‘ (29th December 2010)

‘Cypriot antiquities, Desmond Morris Collection – conflict antiquities from art market’ (23rd December 2010)

archaeologists accepted Greek Cypriot looting of Alaas, Cyprus?’ (22nd December 2010)

archaeological destruction through looting, Dali Kafkallia, Cyprus’ (22nd December 2010)

‘boring note, Mycenaean Cypriot antiquities, Archaeological Society of Athens Collection, National Archaeological Museum’ (21st December 2010)

‘Cypriot antiquities, Zintilis Collection – evidence of probably Greek Cypriot looting during conflict‘ (17th December 2010)

Cypriot Antiquities Rescue from the Turkish Deep State: the Rescue of Forgeries, and the Death of Stephanos Stephanou (9th April 2010) [‘Archaeology, conflict, antiquities rescue’ (15th April 2010): Greek-language abstract – ‘κυπριακή σωτηρία αρχαιοτήτων από το τουρκικό βαθύ κράτος‘ (26th April 2010); Turkish-language abstract – ‘Türk derin devletinden Kıbrıs’ın tarihi eserleri kurtarması‘ (26th April 2010)]

‘Update: Limassol Greek Cypriot antiquities smuggling arrest‘ (30th January 2010)

‘Greek Cypriot antiquities smuggling; illegal undercover antiquities police‘ (26th January 2010)

‘Cypriot antiquities, Cesnola Collection, Stanford University Museum‘ (5th December 2009)

‘Cyprus, 1963-1974: large private collections of looted antiquities’ (19th June 2009)

‘Cyprus, 1963-1974: looted antiquities collected – estimate‘ (19th June 2009)

‘Illicit antiquities trade: source, transit, market, mafia‘ (20th May 2008) [‘welcome to the Yahoo CoinForgeryDiscussionList visitors from “Article link Antiquities trade relationship with criminal groups”‘ (26th December 2009)]


  • I didn’t include ambiguous tweets, mid-event tweets, etc.
  • I removed incomplete sentences added by automatic tweet generators.
  • I converted in-tweet links into hyperlinked text.
  • I didn’t provide the permalink to my own tweets of links, because it would’ve meant a flood of unnecessary links and “@samarkeolog”s (and swallowed even more time).
  • Because my early tweets’ links weren’t clickable, I copied-and-pasted all of the tweets themselves (rather than links for embedding), but it’s far, far too time-consuming to continue to do that.

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