@samarkeolog Twitter archive: illicit antiquities trade in Turkey

Partly to help me (publicly) archive material from before my @conflictantiq Twitter feed on looting and destruction of cultural and community property, partly to help me clarify (for myself) what I want to document on it, I’ve copied-and-pasted(-and-hyperlinked) the (immediately or otherwise) relevant material from my @samarkeolog Twitter feed (primarily on professional, Balkan and Mediterranean matters).

It was a huge time sink; but I am utterly dedicated to uneconomic(al) activity.

@samarkeolog tweets on the illicit antiquities trade in Turkey are here.

Turkey: illicit antiquities trade

‘.@TheHistoryBlog has a really nice post on Turkey’s (re)recovery of hippocampus from Karun Treasure (&everything else)’ (1st December 2012)

‘the last quote was not actually me, but @DorothyKing translating me into English’ (24th April 2012)

@samarkeolog “There is no evidence proving the Munich coins were looted; there are confessions that the Hecatomnus & Pixodarus Hoards were”‘ (@DorothyKing, 24th April 2012)

@samarkeolog To be clear the Munich coins might be kosher. The Hecatomnus Hoard & Pixodaros Hoard have confessions of looting’ (@DorothyKing, 24th April 2012)

‘.@DorothyKing on possibility of #looting of Hecatomnus’ Tomb in Mylasa, #Turkey; sale of coins in Munich, Germany’ (24th April 2012 [20th April 2012])

looters plunder registered #archaeology sites in #Turkey despite gendarmerie patrols @HDNER bit.ly/z2VaTn v @brennawalks‘ (31st January 2012)

stolen, smuggled hippocampus brooch, Croesus Treasure – anonymous comment’ (4th March 2010)

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