@iMetalDetect is going metal-detecting for something ‘special’ this week…

I suspect Paul Barford and Heritage Action may be interested in these portable antiquities.

(I will be tweeting from a dig site tomorrow with all my finds. Follow me to stay updated. [@iMetalDetect, 13th March 2013])

@iMetalDetect ‘will be uploading [his] finds to Twitter as [he] find[s] them at a new undetected site‘.

It should be a lot of fun to watch.

He even has an app!

‘Some junk I pulled up last week. Don’t know what it is. A nail perhaps?’

(Im going metal detecting this week. Hope I find something special. [@iMetalDetect, 11th March 2013])

(Have you ever found gold? #metaldetecting. [@JoanAllenDetect, 13th March 2013])

(Good luck! What’s your weapon (detector…) of choice? [@iMetalDetect, 13th March 2013])

(Garrett ace 250 & pro pointer. [@iMetalDetect, 13th March 2013])

(A fine choice! And your hunting ground? [@JoanAllenDetect, 13th March 2013])


(Well sir, you are on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know 🙂 I will be tweeting my finds as I dig them. [@iMetalDetect, 13th March 2013])


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