free archaeology: simply illegal unpaid internships

When I raised the issue of unpaid internships, an employee of the Department for Work and Pensions observed, ‘it’s almost a two-tier system now.’ (I did raise my eyebrows at almost.) ‘If you can afford to work for free, you can get lots of experience and you can get a great position; if you can’t, you have to swim with the rest of us.’ (I forgot to ask whether they meant swim up rapids, swim in the same foetid pool, or sink.)

[Now cross-posted on (un)free archaeology.]

5 Responses to “free archaeology: simply illegal unpaid internships”

  1. Here here, Sam! Can’t wait to read the rest of this week’s blogs.


  2. My only fear is that there is so much to rage against that by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be thrashing around and foaming at the mouth. Friday’s post may just be a youtube clip of the goriest dispatches of the Walking Dead set to You’ve Got Everything Now by the Smiths.



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