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Should I have embargoed my thesis until I got a job?

As the data is becoming less interesting (wow, open-access research is accessed more often and more widely than limited-access research), and as the anniversary is becoming less significant (“n years ago, I completed a contract, woo…”) and more negative (“It’s been how long…? And I’ve made how much progress…?”), this is probably the last time I’ll put together the statistics for the readership of my thesis (on archaeological ethics in conflict zones)… But it has prompted an ugly, nagging thought.

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Egyptian Archaeologists’ Syndicate demands blacklisting of all foreign archaeologists

Here, I want to briefly and amateurishly review the crisis of looting and destruction in Egypt, the Egyptian Archaeologists’ Syndicate demand for the blacklisting of all foreign archaeologists, and the possible contribution of unpaid labour to the political campaign.

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