Does anyone know Sumitra Keghouie Spencer (great-granddaughter of Hagop Guzelian)?

Don’t worry, it’s a nice story. Sumitra Keghouie Spencer’s relatives (descendants of Hagop Guzelian) found her through comments on my first research blog, but they haven’t been able to make contact with her.

Nearly five years ago, after I’d posted photos of graffiti on the walls of Sourp Magar (Saint Makarios Monastery in Cyprus), Sumitra Keghouie Spencer commented,

Hi My name is Sumitra keghouie spencer. My great grandfather Hagop Guzelian, he was the caretaker of the monastery from the 1930’s until around 1960.
My Great grandfather lived in monastery with his wife Martha and their 6 childern, One if which was my grandmother Hegenay. If your still intertested in the monastery, i can speak with my grandmother and ask her about the writing you found and anything else you may want to know.

Nearly three years ago, one of Sumitra’s aunts/uncles (one of the sons/daughters of Sumitra’s great-aunt Mariam) reached out to her:

Hi sumitra my grandmother was Martha Guzelian and grandfather Hagop Guzelian. My mother Mariam Guzelian (mary) was one of her daughters, my mother has now passed. I was told that they lived at this monastery as caretakers from 1927 – ?

Just a couple of months after the first attempt, another of Sumitra’s aunts/uncles (one of the sons/daughters of Sumitra’s great-aunt Lily) tried:

HI Sumitra my grandmother was Martha Guzelian and grandfather Hagop Guzelian.My mother lily was the youngest of the six children ,My mother passed away in 1989. My uncle Max as we call him his real name is Magar Guzelian he was born at the monastery. My grandfather and grandmother name him after the monastery.

Last week, (I assume) the first aunt/uncle appealed once more,

Hello Sumitra, My grandfather was Hagop Guzelian. His son, my Uncle Magar Guzelian and now died. He was named after the monastery.
My mother Miriam who is now deceased is your grandmothers sister. Hope you reply to this.

So do I.

6 Comments to “Does anyone know Sumitra Keghouie Spencer (great-granddaughter of Hagop Guzelian)?”

  1. Hi, My grandfather was Magar Guzelian, now deceased, and my mother (Magar’s daughter) is Mary Guzelian, my Uncle (Magar’s second son) is Keghon Guzelian and my other uncle (Magar’s first son) is Aagon Guzelian. I am the grandaughter of Magar Guzelian who was born in the Armernian Monastery.


  2. Hi my name is Melinda I am one of the great grandchildren of Hagop and Matha Guzelian and a grand daughter of there daughter Mariam (Mary). I am very interested in the heritage of my ancestors. The only one that ever told me anything of the families history was my great Uncle Magar (Max). One day soon I hope to travel to Armenia and Cyprus so I can learn more. If anyone would like to contact me my email is:


  3. Hi, My name is Walies. I am the Great grand daughter of Hagop and Martha Guzelian. Sumitra Spencer is my sister, there are three of us in total including our other sister Sevan. Our heritage is amazing, our great grand farther Hagop Guzelian was a beautiful man. I know lots about the family, stories from there up bringing etc and i am immensely proud and hold my family very close to my heart even those who i have never met. We had family in Syria Aleppo also but i do not know what has come of them through the current conflict there but they are all in my preys! I will be travelling to Cyrus again as the last time i went i was only 6 years old. This time i will be staying in Kyrenia, i will visit our Surp Magar Monestry this summer. I will also visit the Armenian Church and Cemetry to tend to our Great Grand farthers grave. I would love to hear more from you all, i have many pictures of the whole family. Melinda, i will save your email address and contact you, anything i can help you with or tell you of i will do my up most to do so. Love to you all and God bless xxxxx


    • Hi Walies
      my name is Helen my grandfather and grandmother is Hagop and Martha Guzelian my mother was the youngest of the six sibbling her name was lily my mother past away in 1989 .my grandmother live with us for many years and then went and lived with my auntie Maryjust before my mum passed away.


    • Hi Walies

      I just noticed your response. I may of deleted your emails by mistake because I had been receiving a lot of spam. I hope you make contact again. My email is still
      If anyone has photos or info on our Guzelian history I would love to no.
      Thanks Melinda xo


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