the Ukrainian museum of police atrocities

In the midst of the conflict, resisters and observers have gathered forensic evidence of the violence. For example, Postup Human Rights Centre (joint) coordinator Konstantin Reutski ‘picked up [Подобранное]’ shell cartridges(1), grenade rings and a car stopper near Zhovtnevogo (in Kiev). Now the resisters have created a temporary exhibition.

The “car-stopper” is a 12-gauge, ‘brass or aluminium [shotgun] slug [with] a core of (likely hardened) steel’. It is an armour-piercing, anti-vehicle slug, but it was used against the protesters.

The citizens’ resistance collected, sorted, classified, labelled and displayed ‘the peaceful weapons of the Berkut (special police) [мирна зброя Беркуту]’ in the field (в польових), and established a museum on Mikhayla Grushevskogo Street (Ву́лиця Миха́йла Груше́вського), the same street as the National Art Museum. It is the ‘Museum of Shells and Grenades [Музей гильз и гранат]’, the ‘Berkut atrocities museum‘, ‘a little museum filled with all objects fired at demonstrators’.

WARNING: video of protesters under fire

This is just one example of the events that are recorded in the museum of police atrocities. It is very graphic, battlefield video of protesters under fire from police snipers. It shows civilians being injured and killed.


1: They include shell cartridges ammo for smooth-bore weapons, Zanimi (Kalashnikov/carbine SKS) cartridges, Blondeau(?). (I don’t know whether there are Blondeau slugs as well as car-stoppers, or whether car-stoppers were mistaken for Blondeau slugs.)

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