‘Putin’s tourists’ (Russia’s agents) have ransacked the Ukrainian Veterans Museum in Donetsk

‘#Putin’s tourists [have] ransacked a veterans museum in the prosecutor’s office in #Donetsk’ (though the source news site seems to be down…).

Titushki were Yanukovych regime thugs. Putinushki are Putin-funded and exported ‘volunteers’, hired ‘thugs…. [military] forces and provocateurs’ and private security contractors. Yesterday, such ‘separatists seized the provincial prosecutor’s office [in Donetsk] and hung a Russian flag [сепаратисти захопили облпрокуратуру і вивісили російський прапор]’.

According to Donbas News [Новости Донбасса] (1) (2), ‘while occupying the provincial prosecutor’s office, members of the pro-Russian rally in Donetsk utterly ransacked the Veterans Museum [Учасники проросійського мітингу в Донецьку під час блокування будівлі обласної прокуратури вщент розгромили ветеранський музей]’ (which is in the same building).

‘The photo shows that, after the capture of the prosecutor’s , in the museum, the glass door was smashed and, evidently, exhibits from the Veterans Museum were scattered on the floor. [На фото видно, що після захоплення прокуратури в музеї вибиті скляні двері, а на підлозі розкидані, очевидно, експонати музею ветеранів.]’

The ransacked Veterans Museum in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The ransacked Veterans Museum in Donetsk, Ukraine.
(c) Pro Volyn, 17th March 2014


1: the Donbas is the Donets Basin (Донецький басейн).

2: the story is also available from Novyny Ukraiiny.


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