Conflict Antiquities: the book – a proposal for a proposal

Six months after I was encouraged, I’ve managed to make a change. It hasn’t taken six months in itself. I’ve been writing up previous work, conducting new research, giving advice concerning an emergency… As I explain here, I’m now undertaking my first long-term project as a self-employed cultural property security analyst – a book on the looting and trafficking of antiquities from conflict zones.

Conflict Antiquities will explore historic cases and new research to reveal who profits from the plunder, and how we can challenge the crime and the violence that it funds. The book will look at people on the sharp end of the antiquities trade – the lives of the people who are driven to dig up and sell off their own past to survive in or escape from war zones, and the works of the armed groups who make out like bandits on the backs of those impoverished and insecure local communities.


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