Aleppo’s Al Sultaniyah Madrasa-Mosque appears to have been destroyed

Hyperallergic have published my review of the evidence for the destruction of Al Sultaniyah Madrasa-Mosque in Aleppo, Syria, on the 7th of December. It appears to have been destroyed.

In the article, I said that it was a victim of ‘military rather than sectarian destruction’, by which I meant that it was collateral damage in a clash between regime forces and the Islamic Front, rather than a target for ideologically-motivated Islamist destruction, so it got the wrong title, but that will be [has been] corrected. Both sides have been blamed by one source or another. Responsibility is not entirely clear.

Amongst a lot of reports from a lot of sources, I want to highlight a network of concerned citizens and professionals, Archaeology in Syria (AinSyria), who confirmed news of a “massive explosion” near the citadel in the Ancient City of Aleppo and reported the detonation of al Sultaniah Mosque/Al-Sultaniyah Madrasa (which is also known as the Madrasaa al Zahiriah).

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