Correction: Sunni Popular Mobilisation Unit raided Islamic State in Iraq, found Babylonian-era antiquities

Yesterday, I relayed Al Sumaria TV news that a Popular Mobilisation Unit (PMU) in Iraq had raided the Islamic State and recovered Babylonian-era antiquities.

[Correction: I originally identified the force first as Kurdish, then as Shia. While it includes (Shia) Kurds, while it is an (ethnically mixed) overwhelmingly Shia force, and while Iraqi News identified the responsible unit as a Shia unit, Ummaya Al Jabbara is a Sunni unit. It is named after Umayyah Naji Jabara, who was killed in combat against the Islamic State in 2014, whose father Sheikh Naji Jabara had been killed by al-Qaeda in 2007.

Thanks to ARCA‘s Lynda Albertson, for the initial query; to @WatcherOnTheDot, for pushing me to look at the Telegraph, which I had ignored because it was contradicted by Iraqi News; and to Steven Ishak Nabil, who confirmed that this unit was Sunni.]

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