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Exploitation of refugees from Syria or exploitation of plausible deniability by antiquities traffickers in Turkey?

On the 22nd of February, police stopped and searched a ‘suspicious’ vehicle on Alparslan Türkeş Avenue in the Çukurova municipality of Adana city (as opposed to the Çukurova district of Adana province), southern Turkey, then found and seized an 18th-century Christian icon, an “embroidery” of one of the Twelve Apostles on a piece of gazelle skin (178 centimetres by 75 centimetres), which had been ‘hidden’ in the boot of the car. (I heard the news through the Museum Security Network.)

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crowdfunding for families of murdered excavation workers Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim

As I heard through Alison Atkin and Jacq Matthews, Zacharys Anger Gundu, Akinwumi Ogundiran and Willeke Wendrich have opened a crowdfunding account for donations to Support the Families of Two Murdered Janjela Heroes, Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim, the excavation workers who were killed when they tried to prevent the kidnap of archaeologists Peter Breunig and Johannes Behringer.

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