Ukraine: Crimean archaeology in conditions of occupation

At the seminar on archaeology in occupied territories and in zones of armed conflict, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Baranov (Вячеслав Баранов) considered Crimean archaeology in conditions of occupation.

His presentation was recorded and shared by Wild Fox, on Facebook as well as YouTube.


Baranov, V. 2019: “Кримська археологія в умовах окупації [Crimean archaeology in conditions of occupation]”. Paper presented at the Seminar on Archaeology in Occupied Territories and in Zones of Armed Conflict [Археологія на окупованих територіях та у зонах збройних конфліктів], Kyiv, Ukraine, 16th May. [YouTube, 20th June.] Available at:


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