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mental health and treasure-hunting

Following the posts on trafficking of antiquities and narcotics and women’s participation in looting and trafficking, this is yet another section that has been cut from a study on looting in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

This is a difficult issue to discuss. I am not associating mental health with criminal activity (I have, after all, experienced mental health issues myself), nor any of the legal participants in metal-detecting or treasure-hunting with criminal activity (nor even with each other). Here, I am only interested in a potential connection between participation in treasure-hunting and experience of mental health.

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sex and treasure: women’s participation in looting and trafficking of Mediterranean antiquities

Following the post of work-in-progress on antiquities and narcotics in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, this is another section that has been cut from the same study (minus one paragraph, while I process some data). Hopefully, this one will be incorporated into a study on the demographics of cultural property criminals.

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