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Instability in the Middle East is fueling an illicit antiquities trade
(Sam Hardy and Ruslan Trad, Muftah, 26th April 2016)

Escalating the war on looting
(Christine Bohlen, the New York Times, 11th March 2016)

Antiquities: the spoils of war
(Georgina Adam, the Financial Times, 11th March 2016)

What do we really know about Islamic State’s role in illicit antiquities trade?
(Christina Ruiz, the Art Newspaper, 1st March 2016)

Antiquities. Lebanon at the heart of the traffic. [Antiquités. Le Liban au coeur du traffic.]
(Jenny Saleh, l’Hebdo, 5th February 2016)

ISIS, blood antiquities, and the international black market
(Ashleigh Tilley, Human Security Centre, 1st February 2016)

Welcome to the ‘Academy Awards’ of coin collecting
(Kabir Sehgal, Fortune, 16th January 2016)

Cologne gang accused of looting German churches to fund ISIS
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 5th November, 2015)

Here’s why Hobby Lobby might have illegally purchased antiquities from Iraq
(Beenish Ahmed, Think Progress, 4th November 2015)

The vengeance of the Islamic State: the destruction of the ruins of Palmyra [la venganza del ISIS: la destrucción de las ruinas de Palmira]
(Pilar Cebrián, el Confidenciel, 29th August 2015)

These academics are outracing (and outwitting) ISIS
(Danny Lewis, the Smithsonian Magazine, 7th August 2015)

13 exclusive photos of looted (and fake) Syrian artifacts for sale
(Mike Giglio and Munzer al-Awad, Buzzfeed, 5th August 2015)

The bizarre tale of ‘ISIS book club
(Damaris Colhoun, Atlas Obscura, 4th August 2015)

Inside the underground trade to sell of Syria’s history
(Mike Giglio and Munzer al-Awad, Buzzfeed, 30th July 2015)

Senate targets ISIS profits from ancient Syrian artifacts
(Jessica Schulberg, the Huffington Post, 9th July 2015)

The dark coalition that is behind ISIL’s plunder of antiquities [IŞİD’in eser yağmacılığının ardındaki karanlık koalisyon]
(skopbülten, 6th July 2015)

Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by Isis
(Rachel Shabi, the Guardian, 3rd July 2015)

ISIS obliterates two early Islamic tombs at Palmyra
(Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 24th June 2015)

Jihadists are starting to blow up Palmyra’s monuments. They started with two Muslim mausoleums. [Dżihadyści zaczynają wysadzać zabytki Palmiry. Zaczęli od dwóch muzułmańskich mauzoleów.]
(MKD and PAP, Wiadomości, 23rd June 2015)

Even United Nations can’t keep track of ISIS’ antiquities destruction
(Emily Feldman, Vocativ, 23rd June 2015)

Rebels, Syrian government work together to protect antiquities
(Riham Kusa, USA Today, 22nd June 2015)

How the United States can help save Palmyra
(Matthew Hall, Atlantic Council, 11th June 2015; Newsweek, 14th June 2015)

The secret way Islamic State makes its money
(Charis Chang and Agence France-Presse (AFP),, 2nd June 2015)

Islamic State kill 20 prisoners in Palmyra‘s Roman theatre
(Catherine Philp, the Times, 30th May 2015)

ISIS’s war on history
(Zack Beauchamp, Vox, 29th May 2015)

The balance-sheet of conflict: Criminal revenues and warlords in Syria
(Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj, Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF) and Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael), 26th May 2015)

Is it time to rethink our ideas about preserving world heritage?
(Jonathan Foyle, Financial Times, 22nd May 2015)

Another ISIS heritage snuff film incurs hyperbolic headlines
(Mostafa Heddaya, Blouin Art Info, 13th April 2015)

ISIS’ destruction of cultural treasures: Reason for education and legal enforcement
(Kelsey Quigley, Travaux, 24th March 2015)

ISIS and iconoclasm: The history of the museum smash
(Jesse Hirsch, Atlas Obscura, 16th March 2015)

Arms for antiques
(Jerome Gavin, Satyrica, 12th March 2015)

ISIS’s war on history
(Zack Beauchamp, Vox, 11th March 2015)

Destruction of ancient statues in museum in Iraq by EI shocks the world [Destruição de estátuas milenares em museu no Iraque pelo EI choca o mundo]
(Centralizado, 11 Março 2015)

More heritage sites at mercy of Isis as America ducks airstrikes
(Catherine Philp, the Times, 10th March 2015)

Iraq, when cultural interference is a duty [Iraq, quando l’ingerenza culturale è un dovere]
(Umberto De Giovannangeli, l’Huffington Post, 10 marzo 2015)

The Islamic State bulldozes, but it also steals [Az Iszlám Állam buldózerrel rombol, de közben lop is]
(Tóth Gergely, Index, 2015, március 10)

IS’s view on art is as degenerate as Hitler’s [IS syn på konst lika degenererad som Hitlers]
(Anders Q. Björkman, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), 27 februari 2015)

ISIS destroys antiquities in Mosul, Iraq
(Robin Ngo, Biblical History Daily, 27th February 2015)

Mosul, what has been lost in the museum devastated by ISIS [Mosul, che cosa è andato perduto nel museo devastato dall’Isis]
(Lucio di Marzo, il Giornale, 27 febbraio 2015)

ISIS. Destruction of Assyrian statues and libraries. Franceschini: ‘Blind madness’. [Isis. Distruzione statue assire e biblioteche. Franceschini: ‘Follia cieca’.]
(Notizie Free, 27 febbraio 2015)

Destruction of history: The statues were made by Satanists [Destruksjonen av historien: Statuene ble laget av satanister]
(Hans Rustad, Document, 27 februar 2015)

The ISIS campaign to erase history
(Kati Trang, Daily Motion, 27th February 2015)

IS militants destroy ancient artefacts in Iraq
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Channel News Asia, 27th February 2015)

Ancient artefacts destroyed in Iraq
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse (AFP),, 27th February 2015)

Islamic State jihadis destroy ancient artefacts in Mosul
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Australian, 27th February 2015)

Islamic State jihadists appear in video destroying ancient artefacts in Iraq’s Mosul museum
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse (AFP), ABC Radio (Australia), 27th February 2015)

Islamic State jihadists appear in video destroying ancient artefacts in Iraq’s Mosul museum
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse (AFP), ABC News (Australia), 27th February 2015)

Iraq: the jihadists of IS destroy the antiquities of Mosul Museum [Irak: des jihadistes de l’EI détruisent des antiquités du musée de Mossoul]
(Elsa Grenouillet, la Voix du Nord, 27 février 2015)

Jihadists broadcast images of pillage in a museum in Iraq [Des jihadistes diffusent des images du saccage d’un musée en Irak]
(Marina Cabiten, France Bleu, 27 février 2015)

IS-destroyed treasures: ‘A loss for all of humanity’ [IS zerstört Kulturschätze: ‘Verlust für gesamte Menschheit’]
(Der Standard, 27. Februar 2015)

The Bamiyan of Iraq [El Bamiyán de Irak]
(Carmen Ruiz, El Mundo, el 27 de febrero 2015)

Statues destroyed [Destruyen estatuas]
(Página/12, el 27 de febrero de 2015)

Jihadists of IS destroyed millennia-old statues in Iraq [Yihadistas del EI destruyen estatuas milenarias en Irak]
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), MSN Noticias, el 27 de febrero de 2015)

Video of IS rebels smashing artefacts in Iraq [Phiến quân IS tung video đập phá cổ vật tại Iraq]
(Thoa Phạm, Dân Trí, 27 Tháng 2 2015)

Islamist rebels demolish 3,000-year-old ancient statues in Iraq [Phiến quân Hồi giáo phá tượng cổ 3.000 năm tuổi ở Iraq]
(Tuấn Vĩ, Việt Báo, 27 Tháng 2 2015; Báo Mới, 27 Tháng 2 2015)

Islamic State destruction of ancient treasures in Iraq [Nhà nước Hồi giáo đập phá báu vật cổ ở Iraq]
(VN Express, 27 Tháng 2 2015)

Rebels of IS destroy treasures in Iraq [Phiến quân IS phá hủy cổ vật quý ở Iraq]
(MSN Tin Tức, 27 Tháng 2 2015; Nguyệt Phương, Tuổi Trẻ, 27 Tháng 2 2015)

Yihadistas del EI destruyen estatuas milenarias en un museo en Iraq
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), el Comercio, el 26 de febrero de 2015)

The ISIS campaign to erase history
(Megan Specia, Mashable, 26th February 2015)

Estado Islámico destruye estatuas milenarias en museo iraquí
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), el Faro, el 26 de febrero de 2015)

Historians pore over ISIS video of smashed statues for clues to what’s been lost
(Robert Mackey, the New York Times, 26th February 2015)

Museum in ruins: Why the iconoclasm by IS? [Museum in puin: Waarom die beeldenstorm door IS?]
(Ben van Raaij, De Volkskrant, 26 februari 2015)

Erased: ISIS and the destruction of ancient artifacts
(David A. Graham, the Atlantic, 26th February 2015)

Isis video shows militants destroying artefacts in Iraq
(Erika Solomon, the Financial Times, 26th February 2015)

ISIS destroys ancient Iraqi artefacts with hammers and drills
(Tom Coghlan, the Times, 26th February 2015)

Isis smashes artefacts, but real ones are safe in WC1
(Tom Coghlan, the Times, 26th February 2015)

IS jihadists destroy ancient artefacts in Iraq: Video
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse, Yahoo! News, 26th February 2015)

IS video shows destruction of ancient artefacts in Iraq
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse, Middle East Eye, 26th February 2015)

IS jihadists destroy ancient artefacts in Iraq: video
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse, Daily Mail, 26th February 2015)

IS jihadists destroy ancient artefacts in Iraq: video
(Jean Marc Mojon, Agence France-Presse, ABC News (Australia), 26th February 2015)

Irina Bokova requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council [Ирина Бокова поиска спешно заседание на СС на ООН]
(Агенция БГНЕС, 26th February 2015)

Destruição de estátuas milenares em museu no Iraque pelo EI choca o mundo
(Agence France-Presse (AFP),, 26 de febrero 2015)

La nueva barbaridad del Estado Islámico: destruyen invaluables estatuas en un museo de Irak
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), Noticias24, 26 de febrero 2015)

EI destruye estatuas milenarias en un museo de Irak
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), Periódico Correo, 26 de febrero 2015)

ISIS destruye estatuas milenarias en museo de Irak
(Agence France-Presse (AFP), el Espectador, 26 de febrero 2015)

Turkey Rescues Remains of Suleyman Shah in Sting Operation
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 24th February 2015)

UN bans export of antiquities to target Islamic State finance
(Hili Perlson, artnet news, 17th February 2015)

A wealth of heritage squandered
(Julie Farrell, Trinity News, 2nd February 2015)

Stolen Egyptian antiquities hit the open market
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 8th January 2015)

Looting has become the greatest threat to our cultural heritage in Syria
(Franklin Lamb, Op-Ed News, 24th December 2014)

How IS destroys and deals in illegal art to finance the war [Hoe IS illegal kunst vernietigt en verhandelt om de strijd te financieren]
(Ben van Raaij en Nell Westerlaken, Volkskrant, 5th December 2014)

IS earns millions from selling art treasures [IS verdient miljoenen aan verkoop kunstschatten]
(Nell Westerlaken and Ben van Raaij, Volkskrant, 4th December 2014)

Report: the erosion of Iraqi and Syrian cultural heritage
(The Report, Islam Channel, 24th November 2014)

The greatest buildings you’ll never see: 19 priceless monuments lost in battle
(Kieran Monks, CNN, 5th November 2014)

UNESCO condemns destruction of 11th-century shrine in Iraq
(Graham Bowley, the New York Times, 30th October 2014)

IS continues cultural genocide in Iraq
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 30th October 2014)

Turkish museum and library destroyed amid protests
(Gareth Harris, the Art Newspaper, 30th October 2014)

Turkish inaction on ISIS spurs destruction of artifacts
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 14th October 2014)

The Islamic State destroyed a temple and monument commemorating the Armenian genocide [Islámský stát zničil chrám a památník připomínající genocidu Arménů]
(Novinky, 13th October 2014)

ISIS will stop at nothing! It has destroyed a monument to victims of genocide! [ISIS se před ničím nezastaví! Zničil památník obětí genocidy!]
(Czech News Center, Blesk, 13th October 2014)

Islamists have destroyed the Armenian Genocide Memorial, which did not comply with their faith [Islamisté zničili památník genocidy Arménů, neodpovídal jejich víře]
(Anna Barochová, iDNES, 13th October 2014)

Antiquities lost, casualties of war
(Graham Bowley, the New York Times, 5th October 2014)

Islamic State, its five sources of financing [Etat islamique, ses cinq sources de financement]
(Matthieu Hofstetter, Bilan, 2nd October 2014)

ISIS destroy Armenian genocide memorial in Syria
(Henri Neuendorf, artnet news, 29th September 2014)

Iconoclasm and the Islamic State: Razing shrines to draw new borders
(James Noyes and Matthew Hall, the Atlantic Council, 26th September 2014)

Iraq’s cultural heritage destroyed – here are the until now unknown photos of the terrible smashing [Iraks kulturarv ødelægges – her er de hidtil ukendte fotos af de forfærdelige smadringer]
(Kirsten Valeur, Den Korte Avis, 16th September 2014)

Illicit trade in looted antiquities helps finance ISIS terror network
(Mark Vlasic, the National Post, 15th September)

Islamic State sells ‘blood antiques’ from Iraq and Syria to raise money
(Mark Vlasic, the Washington Post, 14th September 2014)

Pillage as a war crime [el expolio como crimen de guerra]
(Miguel Ángel García Vega, el País, 8th September 2014; 9th September 2014)

Saving Christianity in Iraq
(Luay Al Khatteeb and Aymen Jawad, the Huffington Post, 8th September 2014 [uncredited correction])

Some are raising doubts about details in reports that ISIS is funding itself by looting and smuggling antiquities
(Michael Collins Dunn, the Middle East Institute, 5th September 2014)

Is ISIS bankrolling terrorist activities with stolen antiquities?
(artnet news, 2nd September 2014)

Culture wars: Tracking the destruction of Middle East monuments
(Robert Bevan, the Evening Standard, 27th August 2014)

A scene of burning books [Et gedigent bokbål]
(Karin Abraham, Adressa, 26. august 2014)

Cultural destruction by Islamic State continues with no end in sight
(Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, 25th August 2014)

The lure of antiquities
(Scott Reyburn, the New York Times, 18th August 2014 [15th August 2014])
[The trap of poor evidence]

Are more monuments under threat from ISIS?
(Sarah Cascone, artnet news, 8th August 2014)

War crimes against Iraqi heritage [Crímenes de guerra contra el patrimonio iraquí]
(Miguel Ángel García Vega, el País, 5th August 2014)

Cultural trafficking funds weapons in the Middle East
(Art Media Agency, 4th August 2014)

Q&A: Why Sunni extremists are destroying ancient religious sites in Mosul
(Eve Conant, National Geographic, 2nd August 2014)

Blowing up Mosul’s historic mosques is ‘a war crime
(Gareth Harris, the Art Newspaper, 28th July 2014)

Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (ISIS blows up Jonah’s Tomb)
(Neon Vincent, the Daily Kos, 26th July 2014)

ISIS denied earlier reports it had destroyed Jonah’s tomb; then, yesterday, they blew it up
(Michael Collins Dunn, the Middle East Institute, 25th July 2014)

The shrine of the tomb of the prophet Jonah in Mosul is no longer [Svetišča nad grobom preroka Jone v Mosulu ni več]
(Delo, 25th July 2014)

(Storyful, 25th July 2014)

ISIS destroys Jonah’s tomb in Mosul, Iraq, as militant violence continues
(Yasmine Hafiz, the Huffington Post, 25th July 2014)

Video shows Islamic State blowing up Iraq’s Tomb of Jonah
(Eyder Peralta, NPR, 25th July 2014)

After levelling Iraq’s Tomb of Jonah, the Islamic State could destroy ‘anything in the Bible’
(Justin Moyer, the Washington Post, 25th July 2014)
[You had me at ‘pretty much anything‘]

ISIS militants demolish Jonah’s tomb in Iraq
(Alexander Forbes, artnet news, 25th July 2014)

Great investigation here: #DailyDebunk There is no evidence that Saint Ephraim’s Cathedral in Mosul has been burned
(Checkdesk, Twitter, 24th July 2014)

The Islamic State isn’t circumcising women and didn’t steal $400 million either
(David Kenner, Foreign Policy, 24th July 2014)

Last few Iraqi Christians flee violence and threats in Mosul as Isis continues its takeover
(Natasha Culzac, the Independent, 23rd July 2014 [uncredited correction])

ISIS Expels 1600-Year-Old Christian Community from Mosul
(Adam Chandler, the Wire, 22nd July 2014 [23rd July 2014])

War and militants pose grave risk to Iraq’s rich heritage
(Judit Neurink, Rudaw, 14th July 2014)

ISIS destroying Iraq’s cultural heritage one site at a time
(Sarah Cascone, artnet news, 10th July 2014 [14th July 2014])

The dark legacy of Da’ash [میراث سیاه داعش]
(Cultural Heritage News Agency, 9th July 2014)

Iraq, the militants of ISIS tear history asunder [Iraq, i miliziani dell’ISIS fanno a pezzi la storia]
(Francesca Sironi, l’Espresso, 8th July 2014)

ISIS cashing in on looted antiquities to fuel Iraq insurgency
(Heather Pringle, National Geographic, 26th June 2014)

How terrorists tap a black market fueled by stolen antiquities
(Bill Briggs, NBC News, 23rd June 2014)

How the ISIS makes its millions
(Kathleen Caulderwood, Business Insider, 18th June 2014)

How ISIS pillages, traffics and sells ancient artifacts on global black market
(Kathleen Caulderwood, the International Business Times, 18th June 2014)

Open for business
(Charles P. Pierce, Esquire, 16th June 2014)

Archaeologists vs. the National Geographic Channel
(Maggie Koerth-Baker, boingboing, 1st April 2014)

‘Nazi War Diggers’ television show scrapped by National Geographic after furious viewers complain about insensitive historians excavating Second World War graves
(Ted Thornhill, Ryan Kisiel and Guy Walters, the Daily Mail, 1st April 2014)

Fury over the National Geographic channel historians digging up Second World War graves
(Guy Walters and Ryan Kisiel, the Daily Mail, 28th March 2014; 29th March 2014)

New details emerge in mystery of bronze Apollo held by Hamas
(Vernon Silver, Bloomberg Businessweek, 10th February 2014)

The Apollo of Gaza: Hamas’s ancient bronze statue
(Vernon Silver, Bloomberg Businessweek, 30th January 2014)


(Greek Cypriot cultural heritage activist)

(American antiquities trade lobbyist)

‘anything but academic [akademik olmaktan başka her şeye benziyordu]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘he tells lies without blushing [yalanları yüzü kızarmadan da söyleyen]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘he’s a Greek-lover [Yunansever]’
(Turkish nationalist)

‘he’s a Turkish friend’
(southern Cypriot historian)

‘[he’s] a Kurd-lover [Kürtseversin]’
(Kurdish youth)

‘[he] will never be quite sure that I will not be listening to [him]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘I’ll shoot [him] between the eyes’
(Turkish fascist)

‘another fucking do-gooder’
(Greek Cypriot archaeologist)

‘another British fucking dogooder
(Greek Cypriot nationalist)

‘[he’s] a spy [casussunuz]’
(Turkish neighbour)

‘a British colonialist’
(Greek Cypriot cultural heritage activist)

‘an attack dog for the Germans’
(Nigerian archaeologist)

(Turkish government)

‘[he’s] being shafted more than anyone I know’
(American archaeologist)

‘I have marked [him] off as a shabeeha…. I have seen [him]. Clumsy, grammatically reduced English. [He is] not even a Brit as [he] claim[s].’
(German Syrian opposition activist)


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