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Islamic State did not destroy things attached to people, it killed people attached to things

You can read either story. The relevant sections of the texts are both from the Associated Press. But the titles? In one newspaper, “Islamic State ‘blows up three captives tied to Roman columns’ in Palmyra”. In another, “ISIS blows up more Palmyra antiquities, with civilians attached“.

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State arms-for-antiquities trafficking between Turkey and Syria?

Consolidating my attempt to piece together evidence of terrorist antiquities trading and state arms smuggling between Syria and Turkey (with testimony of antiquities trafficking by air), there is new evidence that a Turkish intelligence agent not only smuggled weapons from Turkey into Syria, but also smuggled antiquities from Syria into Turkey.

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Leaked tapes of secret plans: Turkish state conspiracy to provoke a war with (or in) Syria

When I blogged how iconoclastic Salafist paramilitaries(1) in Syria had surrounded the Turkish exclave of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with the intent to destroy it, and how Turkish special forces were prepared to retaliate, I concluded that Turkish preparations seemed to be ‘an excuse… for further intervention‘. Leaked tapes reveal a conspiracy(2) between the Turkish government, Turkish intelligence and the Turkish military to provoke and excuse a war with (or perhaps, more precisely, in) Syria.

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Turkey/Syria: Carchemish – excavations on the border of a warzone

On a site where once three empires clashed, where now three shifting forces fight over the scraps of a nation-state, archaeologists keep their heads down literally as well as metaphorically, as extremists drive by and bullets fly over.

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