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How does destroying buildings save children? (It doesn’t.)

When I reported the destruction of Sheikh Mohammed Ali’s tomb, I excluded photos of another site that I had not identified. The second “landmark of polytheism” was the tomb of Nizar Abu Bahaaeddine, which is – or was – by an oasis outside Palmyra.

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demolition of another mosque in Aleppo, Syria, 26th April 2015

A propaganda record of the destruction of a mosque in the Aleppo governorate of Syria was in another load of material that I was sent by @oivej at the end of April. Reinforcing the points of yesterday’s post on desecration and demolition of tombs and temples under the Islamic State, this crime does not appear to have been reported more widely than a couple of news sites and tweets (and a range of jihadist media).

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desecration and demolition of tombs and temples in Syria under Islamic State

@oivej has sent me links to Islamic State propaganda that documents the demolition of a temple in Alalianih (in the province of Damascus), demolition of graves and tombs in a village (in the province of Aleppo) and demolition of seemingly recent, aniconic graves in a cemetery in Tadmur (in the province of Homs), the last of which has been reported by Johnlee Varghese in the International Business Times.

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Aleppo’s Al Sultaniyah Madrasa-Mosque appears to have been destroyed

Hyperallergic have published my review of the evidence for the destruction of Al Sultaniyah Madrasa-Mosque in Aleppo, Syria, on the 7th of December. It appears to have been destroyed.

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Islamic State cultural racketeering: looting, smuggling, taxation of excavation and export?

Archaeologists Amr Al-Azm and Salam al-Kuntar and cultural policy specialist Brian Daniels have written an op-ed on ISIS’ antiquities sideline in the New York Times, in order to highlight the social benefits of Syria’s historic environment (which is even more powerfully highlighted by the Islamic State’s efforts to destroy the multicultural places under its control), and to raise awareness of the Syria Campaign-led push for a ban on trading in undocumented Syrian antiquities.

Al-Azm, al-Kuntar and Daniels have been training Syrian professionals and volunteers ‘to document and protect’ cultural property, including people who live and work in Islamic State territory. Through ‘extensive conversations’ during the training (in Turkey), they have gained insights into antiquities looting and smuggling in Syria. What have they found out?

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Ιράκ: δεν υπάρχει καμιά μαρτυρία ότι πυρπολήθηκε η Εκκλησία του Αγίου Πέτρου στη Μοσούλη

Φιλαδέλφεια Χαλκηδόνα έχει δημοσιογραφήσει/δημοσιεύσει ότι οι ψυχανώμαλοι εξτρεμιστές του Ισλαμικού Κράτους/του Χαλιφάτου είχαν έκαψαν την ιστορική εκκλησία του Αγίου Πέτρου στη Μοσούλη.

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Yet more bullshit, still no evidence that Saint Ephraim’s Cathedral in Mosul has been burned

I’ve had to add a fourth alleged piece of evidence to my fact-checking post on the alleged burning of Saint Ephraim’s Cathedral in Mosul, because Erbil-based Noor Matti (@NoorBabylon) complained, ‘#Assyrian cathedral burned in #mosul. No international attention what so ever.’

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There is no evidence that Saint Ephraim’s Cathedral in Mosul has been burned

So far, there is only propaganda – but there is a lot of it, which is already exploiting three years of real suffering across three countries. It is exploiting people’s concern in order to spread fear and drive ethnic cleansing. Some unfortunates, who are concerned for the endangered communities in Mosul, have shared the first then the second piece of propaganda.

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