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damage to political, and politicised, buildings in Greece on 24th March 2012

Kathimerini has reported ‘minor damage’ to the Information Society Department of the Interior Ministry in Athens; unknown persons exploded camping gas canisters outside the building early in the morning of the 24th of March 2012.

Other unknown persons started a fire outside one of PASOK MP Sofia Giannaka’s family’s houses in Agrinio; it also caused minor damage (‘[n]o major damage’). However, regardless of their connections with politicians, violent attacks on families’ homes are inexcusable; they are a bad sign of the deterioration of the situation in Greece.


assessing the ACCI assessment of destruction in Greece on 12th February

Immediately after the 12th February protests and riots, I collected evidence of as many specific incidents of property damage/destruction as possible. Here, I want to query the standard account of the attacks on property.  I think it has three problems: it under-counts the number of banks attacked; it excludes the political buildings attacked; and it cannot take account of the places not damaged, not targeted violently, or not targeted at all.

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I’ve corrected Rachel Donadio and New York Times but they’ve not corrected article on arson on 12th February, Greece

The New York Times‘ eyewitness reporter Rachel Donadio inaccurately described,

Feb. 12, a wild night when marauding bands of arsonists with Molotov cocktails targeted shops and buildings, most of them historic….

As more than 6,000 policemen stood guard, these roving bands – several dozen criminals, by official estimates – infiltrated a vast, largely peaceful demonstration of more than 80,000 people and pushed the city into mayhem.

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‘unprecedented’ damage and destruction in protests, riots in Greece, 12th February 2012

Media and crisis manager Stratos Safioleas (@stratosathens) judged last night’s destruction ‘unprecedented‘. Here, I have gathered together as many of the events as I could, listed in order of place: so far, Agrinio, Athens, Corfu, Herakleion, Patras, Thessaloniki, Trikala and Volos.

Moreover, I’ve grouped them by target as well: parliamentary/party/bureaucratic property; police property; banks; other commercial property; cultural venues; media organisations; personal private property; and other objects.

The destruction has been blamed on anarchist protesters, and on agents provocateurs; and I will try to probe this, and the destruction of cultural property, in detail in another post. But my analysis suggests that banks were the primary targets for destruction (even ahead of politicians’ offices). Still, there are many as-yet-undocumented incidents; there were at least 170 acts of destruction in Athens alone. I would be very grateful for any further information.

Update (16th February 2012): rioters ‘torched’ the entrance of the Numismatic Museum and smashed the windows of a Greek Resistance memorial. These are ugly acts of cultural violence; it is fortunate that the arsonists’ ignorance is only equalled by their incompetence.

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