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antiquities, drugs and arms – organised crime, intelligence operations and dirty wars in Turkey and beyond

Returning to the “series” of posts on Turkey, I want to trace the connections between antiquities trafficking and drug trafficking, arms trafficking, organised crime and conflict financing (or other conflict facilitation) in Turkey and beyond.

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The antiquity of the Guennol Stargazer – legal, looted, fake?

(The posting of the series was interrupted by a system error in Microsoft Edge, then the deliberate deletion of the lost data by Microsoft Support. It will continue next week…)

Last year, I noted the incomplete collecting history of a marble Kilia idol (also discussed as a Kiliya/tepegöz figurine/statuette), the Guennol Stargazer. The lawsuit, brought by the Republic of Turkey against Christie’s auction house and collector-seller Michael Steinhardt, continues. I make no judgement.

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Will Cyprus sell repatriated antiquities at auction? No.

Will it buy looted antiquities at auction in order to repatriate them? Yes.

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Cyprus: return of tens of millions’ worth of conflict antiquities, looted from churches in occupied areas

In 1997, Munich police found 232 artworks (1) in the possession of Turkish antiquities smuggler Aydın Dikmen. Munich’s Higher Regional Court has ruled to return 172 or 173 pieces (2), tens of millions’ worth (3) of mosaics, frescoes, icons, paintings, manuscripts and other objects of art (Fresken, Ikonen und andere Kunstgegenstände) to the Republic of Cyprus and the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, the Syriac Maronite Church and the Armenian Catholic Church (via @rechtsarche).

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