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antiquities trafficking and espionage in the Cold War and the New Cold War

State financing and assassination in the Cold War

As I noted on my doctoral research blog on Cultural Heritage in Conflict (and as Peter Campbell found elsewhere), there is secure evidence of conflict antiquities trafficking by Communist Bulgaria (the People’s Republic of Bulgaria) during the Cold War. There is also secure evidence of connections between state criminals who trafficked arms from Bulgaria and deep state criminals who trafficked drugs (heroin) from Turkey, at a time when drug traffickers from Turkey also trafficked antiquities.

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Operation Aureus-Hieratica: Egyptian-Spanish antiquities trafficking may have funded Islamic State

The details of Operation Aureus (within Spain, Operation Hieratica) – a massive and remarkable Europol-coordinated, Interpol-assisted, UNESCO-supported investigation – are beginning to emerge. (Paul Barford has been keeping track of the news.) Now, a new report claims that the Egyptian-Spanish antiquities supply line was run to fund the Islamic State [but no evidence has yet been presented].

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sex trafficking and sex slavery at cultural heritage sites in Cyprus: Karavostasi/Gemikonağı

The other day, I read Skin Trade Exposed, Harry van Versendaal’s (@denk_ik) interview with Bulgarian photographer, film-maker, lecturer and investigative journalist Mimi Chakarova. It’s a great interview, covering how Chakarova does and presents her research, and why; and how she relates with the women involved (she objects to the term ‘subject’).  (Elsewhere, she’s given a talk on going undercover; and there’s a website for the project, the Price of Sex.)

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