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January 26, 2016

Speculation, misinformation and lies, they said. ‘Speak to Legenda and Pomost for facts’, they said.

In the discussion about the Nazi War Diggers’ Battlefield Recovery, one of the under-currents – or counter-currents – was a defence of the programme. Any search of #NaziWarDiggers or #BattlefieldRecovery will show that those defences were few and far between. And the knowledge and motives of even those few defenders were sometimes questionable.

January 10, 2016

Battlefield Recovery’s Nazi War Digger ‘notes that the dog tag has no market value’. He should know. He sells dog tags.

Despite professional and public outcry then and now, the “Nazi War Diggers” who were going to be broadcast on National Geographic two years ago have been (barely) rebranded as action heroes of “Battlefield Recovery” and broadcast on Channel 5.

April 3, 2014

Clarification awaiting clarification: the Latvian War Museum was ‘aware’ of Nazi War Diggers’ plans to excavate

A historian in the Second World War section of the Latvian War Museum, Valdis Kuzmins, has clarified his colleague’s statement.

April 3, 2014

a note on the volunteer human rights exhumers of Legenda

Some of the dismay and anger concerning Nazi War Diggers has been directed at the local advisers and supervisors, Legenda. Latvia’s human rights exhumers are volunteers doing difficult work in difficult circumstances. As I said before, at least sometimes, their work is informed, organised and well-equipped; it is done by people who can identify bones; and it involves the recording of the site and their finds. They want to do good work all of the time, and have appealed for advice and help.

April 1, 2014

National Geographic has pulled Nazi War Diggers ‘indefinitely’!

Since ‘”consulting with colleagues” at the National Geographic Society’, the National Geographic Channel has pulled Nazi War Diggers ‘indefinitely‘, in order to review ‘questions raised’ during days of mass condemnation for the ‘macabre disrespect’ with which it handled dead bodies.

March 31, 2014

the Latvian War Museum does not approve of Nazi war diggers

[Clarification: the Latvian War Museum has clarified its statement – it was ‘aware’ of Nazi War Diggers’ plans to excavate.]

On the 28th(?) of March 2014, National Geographic changed their information concerning Nazi War Diggers and claimed that, ‘during filming, our production crew remained in close contact with local museums, including the Latvian War Museum‘. The understandably outraged [One member of staff at the] Latvian War Museum has stated that it did not approve of Nazi war diggers, it does not approve of Nazi war diggers and, in fact, it tried to stop Nazi war diggers [clarification].

March 31, 2014

‘I’ve found loads of [Second World War bombs], just none in this country!’

When the Nazi War Diggers’ Kris Rodgers (Addicted to Bleeps (or Addictedtobleeps) posted a YouTube video guide to getting British farmers’ permission to metal-detect on their land, Armpitchair commented, ‘WW2 bomb lol if you found one of them mueseums would go ape shit for getting there hands on it’. (No, foreign speakers of English, it’s not your fault that Armpitchair is difficult to understand…) Rodgers replied, ‘I’ve found loads of them, just none in this country!’ In which countries, then?

March 29, 2014

‘No trouble with customs.’ Perhaps trouble with repeatedly written confessions?

Paul Barford’s turned up yet more unsavoury information. It appears that, either National Geographic’s statement was (unknowingly but nonetheless) incorrect, or Craig Gottlieb was so excited by his work for them that he couldn’t sleep in Latvia. Evidently, Nazi War Digger Brings Back ‘Ground dug in Latvia’ Helmet: “No Trouble With Customs”.

March 29, 2014

Does the Brotherhood Cemetery Committee and the Latvian War Museum approve of this work?

My first appearance in the Daily Mail… My grandparents would have been so proud. I’d always hoped that it would be in the Sidebar of Shame. Another dream dashed. At least it’s about a scandal. Who knows what will happen now that the engine of our democracy has reported on the Nazi War Diggers’ ‘gruesome’ video clip?

March 28, 2014

National Geographic are looking into it… under the delete key?

Donna Yates contacted the Executive Vice-President for Communications at National Geographic. ‘Promises of looking into it‘ were accompanied by a comment that ‘the show wasnt for US audience so DC [HQ was] trying to catch up. Halfway sound[ed] like they didn’t know the show existed.’ How did they react to what they found…?

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