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Battlefield Recovery’s Nazi War Digger ‘notes that the dog tag has no market value’. He should know. He sells dog tags.

Despite professional and public outcry then and now, the “Nazi War Diggers” who were going to be broadcast on National Geographic two years ago have been (barely) rebranded as action heroes of “Battlefield Recovery” and broadcast on Channel 5.

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Who would sell a ‘ground dug’ German helmet or a ‘ground found digged out’ ring?

Or, as Michael Schmalenströr and the Pink Agendist ask, ‘which non-Nazi seriously wants to have a Wehrmacht helmet, SS insignia or Nazi daggers lying around [Welcher Nicht-Nazi will ernsthaft einen Wehrmachtshelm, SS-Insignien oder Nazidolche bei sich rumliegen haben]?’ And ‘how do they display it?

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‘No trouble with customs.’ Perhaps trouble with repeatedly written confessions?

Paul Barford’s turned up yet more unsavoury information. It appears that, either National Geographic’s statement was (unknowingly but nonetheless) incorrect, or Craig Gottlieb was so excited by his work for them that he couldn’t sleep in Latvia. Evidently, Nazi War Digger Brings Back ‘Ground dug in Latvia’ Helmet: “No Trouble With Customs”.

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