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the Latvian War Museum does not approve of Nazi war diggers

[Clarification: the Latvian War Museum has clarified its statement – it was ‘aware’ of Nazi War Diggers’ plans to excavate.]

On the 28th(?) of March 2014, National Geographic changed their information concerning Nazi War Diggers and claimed that, ‘during filming, our production crew remained in close contact with local museums, including the Latvian War Museum‘. The understandably outraged [One member of staff at the] Latvian War Museum has stated that it did not approve of Nazi war diggers, it does not approve of Nazi war diggers and, in fact, it tried to stop Nazi war diggers [clarification].

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urgent ethical and legal questions for National Geographic, ClearStory and their Nazi War Diggers

National Geographic Channels International (NatGeoTV), ClearStory and their Nazi War Diggers must answer a series of urgent ethical and legal questions. [Update: now, they must answer even more urgent legal questions about unabashed looting and smuggling.]

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