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fake Christian manuscript, possibly from Syria, in Turkey, seized from Syrian and Turkish traffickers

Hürriyet Daily News reported an ancient book, stolen in Syria, seized in Turkey, by Gendarmerie in Bursa, where a Syrian-and-Turkish team of traffickers intended to sell it over the internet.

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Turkey: Ergenekon propaganda websites trial

There has been progress in the prosecution of a “deep state” terrorist network in Turkey; or one of its tentacles, the Ergenekon gang.  Here, I want to focus on a trial for the publication of propaganda websites, because it encompasses cultural heritage information warfare.

But be warned, it is tl;dr – nearly 2,000 words.  I summarise the Turkish deep state, the Ergenekon gang and the propaganda websites; I review the evidence of command responsibility, and the sources of material for the websites; I list all 42 propaganda websites and their contents; then, finally, I show the websites’ influence on public opinion, their current status, and parallel propaganda campaigns within the Gendarmerie General Command.

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