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Check your provenance

As has oft been pointed out (sometimes with magnificent style), even the Big Three auction houses, which are the most visible, most monitored and apparently most diligent actors in the antiquities market, have a problem with provenance – or the lack of it. Judging by their auctions, that problem remains.

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Asia Week auction, WTF11: ‘Kashmir’ (again). Does the seller know whether this Buddhist terracotta is from India, Pakistan or China? Does the buyer care?

As I mentioned, the Dalton Somaré Gallery claims to ‘offer collectors and connoisseurs precisely documented objects of art of high aesthetic quality’, but it doesn’t actually offer any such information.

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Asia Week auction, WTF7: Hindu sculpture. Do sellers say ‘Kashmir’ because they don’t know the source, or because they do?

WTF7: John Siudmark Asian Art’s sculpture from the divided and disputed region of ‘Kashmir‘ (which means it could be from India, Pakistan or China).

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