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Sotheby’s blood antiquities from Cambodia

In Cambodia (as elsewhere), looting and smuggling are associated with poverty and corruption. Academic collusion is key to the ostensibly legal antiquities market. (Dr. Emma Bunker, who confirmed that Sotheby’s statue was ‘definitely stolen’, nonetheless advised them to sell the statue privately, or to sell the statue publicly without mentioning the scene of the crime, but either way to ignore legal advice.) And it is an illicit trade steeped in blood.

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Asia Week auction, WTF20: Cambodia – a bronze Khmer Siva from ‘an old German collection’. How old? Who knows?

Buddhist Art also has a bronze, Bayon-period Khmer Siva ‘[f]rom an old German collection’.

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Asia Week auction, WTF19: Cambodia – temples’ statues are easier to transport without arms…

Buddhist Art has a sandstone Khmer deity.

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Asia Week auction, WTF6: Cambodia – Angkor Wat-style Khmer antiquities

Carlton Rochell Asian Art has an ‘Angkor Wat style‘ Khmer chariot finial from Cambodia, via an unidentified ‘American [p]rivate [c]ollection’.

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