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a note on the volunteer human rights exhumers of Legenda

Some of the dismay and anger concerning Nazi War Diggers has been directed at the local advisers and supervisors, Legenda. Latvia’s human rights exhumers are volunteers doing difficult work in difficult circumstances. As I said before, at least sometimes, their work is informed, organised and well-equipped; it is done by people who can identify bones; and it involves the recording of the site and their finds. They want to do good work all of the time, and have appealed for advice and help.

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Does the Brotherhood Cemetery Committee and the Latvian War Museum approve of this work?

My first appearance in the Daily Mail… My grandparents would have been so proud. I’d always hoped that it would be in the Sidebar of Shame. Another dream dashed. At least it’s about a scandal. Who knows what will happen now that the engine of our democracy has reported on the Nazi War Diggers’ ‘gruesome’ video clip?

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