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examples of police brutality, and collaboration with agents provocateurs and fascists, in Greece

Soon, I hope to post a two-part analysis of the attacks on property during the 12th February protests and riots.  As part of that analysis, I will look into state use of: agents provocateurs (who pretend to be part of a group, then lead its members into activity); and false flag attacks (where one person/group assumes the identity of another, then commits an attack, so that the other person/group gets the blame).

So, here are a few of many, many examples of police brutality, and police collaboration with thugs, fascists and agents provocateurs in Greece.

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police arrest at least 45 illicit antiquities dealers, with thousands of coins, in Greece

On Saturday, Greek police arrested tens of illicit antiquities dealers, from the largest illicit antiquities network in Greece, in a ‘mousetrap [φάκα]’.

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Police detain suspect for Olympia museum robbery

Kathimerini has just reported that police have ‘detained’ a ‘foreign national’ on suspicion of involvement in the armed robbery of the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games.

Update (2nd March 2012): apparently, the perpetrators ‘remain at large’; so, the police did not have any forensic evidence (either fingerprints or DNA, either at or near the scene of the crime); and the guard did not identify the suspect detained by the police (if he was a suspect rather than an informant).

I have left the following blog post as it was after the 25th February update.

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Olympic Museum robbery: a professional heist for stuff that was not in the museum…?

The story is everywhere – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, NGOs, blogs… – and this blog is getting even more hits for the objects’ descriptions and photographs than it is for the account of their robbery. But with all of the investigation and scrutiny, the evidence is confusing; and the state is confused.

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damage in protests in Greece; police inactivity, 13th February 2012

Protest continues; and political destruction continues likewise, as does police inactivity. Following the national 12th February protests and riots, there were local actions.

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