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Assessing the destruction of Yezidi shrines, demonstrating the Islamic State’s programme of genocide

Hyperallergic have also published my piece on assessing the destruction of Yezidi shrines, where I point out that, despite problems with access, confusion, fear and propaganda, we know that the Islamic State is advancing its programme of genocide.


Islamic State has destroyed yet another Yezidi shrine (Sinjar, Iraq, by 29th October 2014)

Acid Jordi (@Aceeeeeed) shared video frames that showed that ‘#ISIS destroyed another ancient #Yazidi #Ezidi Shrine in the #Sinjar area’. They were taken from an official release of the Nineveh Mandate of the Islamic State. It was yet another advertising brochure for death and destruction. Êzidî Press (@EzidiPress) is still trying to confirm whether or not it is Quba Memê Reşan (Meme Reshan Shrine), but the building has distinctively Yezidi architecture, and the images are not fake, so the Islamic State is continuing its programme of genocide.

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