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Should I have embargoed my thesis until I got a job?

As the data is becoming less interesting (wow, open-access research is accessed more often and more widely than limited-access research), and as the anniversary is becoming less significant (“n years ago, I completed a contract, woo…”) and more negative (“It’s been how long…? And I’ve made how much progress…?”), this is probably the last time I’ll put together the statistics for the readership of my thesis (on archaeological ethics in conflict zones)… But it has prompted an ugly, nagging thought.

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stats on the first anniversary of the electronic publication of my PhD thesis

It’s the first anniversary of the electronic publication of my PhD thesis!

I explained the value of online access in a post four months after my thesis went online. I just thought I would give an update on the numbers of readers and styles of reading (and the inability to identify trends in the subjects of reading).

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Cultural Heritage Work in Cyprus: DPhil thesis – electronic publication

My DPhil thesis, Interrogating Archaeological Ethics in Conflict Zones: Cultural Heritage Work in Cyprus, has been electronically published.

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