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Does for-order looting exist? Examining the evidence and testing a hypothesis.

Is looting-to-order/theft-to-order a myth? If (sometimes) people do loot directly for a collector, cultural heritage workers, law enforcement agents and concerned citizens need to look out for it, spot it and (re)act accordingly.

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the material culture of labour exploitation and resistance in Soma

For reasons that I’ll reveal tomorrow, this is the last of this kind of post that I’ll be doing, I think. I’m sure that all a few of them will still be too long to read, and that all a few of them will spend as much time discussing the background as documenting people’s struggles, but there won’t be (m)any regarding struggles over and through archaeology and history. They will (primarily) be about the looting and smuggling of antiquities from conflict zones…

So, here, I want to consider a place that the archaeology of life became the archaeology of death, and everyday objects became political symbols in an extraordinary struggle: Soma.

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Is it possible to protect public sources? Can it be ethical not to cite public sources?

When I blogged about Occupy Gezi: Archaeologists at Gezi Park, Archaeologists on the Barricades, the Turkish state was persecuting (social) media users, so I translated and shared their material online, archived their original material offline and marked their sources as “(P)” – protected. But now I’m working on publishing it “properly”.

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Leaked tapes of secret plans: Turkish state conspiracy to provoke a war with (or in) Syria

When I blogged how iconoclastic Salafist paramilitaries(1) in Syria had surrounded the Turkish exclave of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with the intent to destroy it, and how Turkish special forces were prepared to retaliate, I concluded that Turkish preparations seemed to be ‘an excuse… for further intervention‘. Leaked tapes reveal a conspiracy(2) between the Turkish government, Turkish intelligence and the Turkish military to provoke and excuse a war with (or perhaps, more precisely, in) Syria.

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the Ukrainian museum of police atrocities

In the midst of the conflict, resisters and observers have gathered forensic evidence of the violence. For example, Postup Human Rights Centre (joint) coordinator Konstantin Reutski ‘picked up [Подобранное]’ shell cartridges(1), grenade rings and a car stopper near Zhovtnevogo (in Kiev). Now the resisters have created a temporary exhibition.

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‘Big business is big politics’: oil bunkering in Nigeria

In Nigeria, oil is siphoned off from every conceivable store and conduit, then most of it is loaded onto barges, carried to sea tankers, and transported to Western markets; most of the income is laundered through Western banks, businesses and investments. Many of the thieves use specialised, heavy equipment and ‘steal tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil’ at a time. Sometimes, it happens within earshot and eyeline of the Nigerian armed forces but, still, ‘no one knows – or will say – what really happened’…

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