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Suleyman Shah’s tomb exhumed, mausoleum pre-emptively destroyed, Syrian territory annexed by Turkey?

It’s difficult to headline or even strapline the story of these events, but Turkey has extracted sarcophagi and other artefacts from a Turkish exclave that is surrounded by Islamic State-held Syrian territory, and apparently deliberately destroyed the mausoleum that housed the tombs. What, you might justifiably ask, the fuck is going on?

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Leaked tapes of secret plans: Turkish state conspiracy to provoke a war with (or in) Syria

When I blogged how iconoclastic Salafist paramilitaries(1) in Syria had surrounded the Turkish exclave of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with the intent to destroy it, and how Turkish special forces were prepared to retaliate, I concluded that Turkish preparations seemed to be ‘an excuse… for further intervention‘. Leaked tapes reveal a conspiracy(2) between the Turkish government, Turkish intelligence and the Turkish military to provoke and excuse a war with (or perhaps, more precisely, in) Syria.

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The Tomb of Suleyman Shah is surrounded by ISIS. And Turkey will retaliate against any attack.

Salafist paramilitaries such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)/Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)/Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ‘have destroyed several tombs and mosques‘ in Syria as sites of idolatry. Now, the Tomb of Suleyman Shah is ‘surrounded‘ by ISIL/ISIS; and ‘pro-ISIS’ activists want that tomb, too, to be destroyed. However, that tomb is Turkish territory, guarded by Turkish soldiers. ‘Any kind of attack … will bring retaliation.’ [Update: Turkey planned a false flag attack to excuse an invasion of Syria.]

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