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AKP-branded ‘plastic bullets’, ‘rubber bullets’ were planted election gimmicks

On Sunday, as the struggles of left-wingers, liberals and Kurdish confederalists versus right-wingers, conservatives and Turkish nationalists in Turkey grew ever more intertwined with the conflict of secularists and Kurdish confederalists versus Islamists in Syria, Fahrettin @kurekli_batur (now @yurekli_batur) tweeted a photo of: ‘Plastic bullets that have been shot in Gazi [neighbourhood, Istanbul]. I took the photo myself. It’s not photoshopped, etc. [Gazi’de attıkları plastik mermi. Fotoyu kendim çektim fotoşop filan değil.]’ Indeed, it was not photoshopped. But what was it?

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Turkey could employ cultural heritage workers to support seizures of conflict antiquities from Syria and Iraq

Hyperallergic has published my update on the threatened hunger strike of cultural workers in Turkey, which has been averted by government concessions (or postponed with empty promises).

In the article, I note that the state could employ cultural heritage workers to support policing of the trafficking of antiquities through Turkey from within Turkey and from Syria and Iraq, but ‘very serious questions continue to be raised – most recently by a pressganged Islamic State worker – about Turkey’s intentions regarding the Islamic State and the Kurds‘.


censorship in Turkey: access to information

Sorry I’ve been so quiet for so long – I’ve been applying for all sorts of jobs, and writing a book review, and lazy.

A couple of months ago, I discussed the production of false information and the denial of freedom of expression.

Here, I want to talk about the (closely connected) denial of access to information, literature, art, culture (1); the imposition of ignorance and orthodox thought.

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