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Islamic State destroyed Yezidi shrine, Gabara, Sinjar, Iraq, 12th July 2015

The Islamic State has long targeted Gabara in Shingal (Sinjar) in northern Iraq. And united forces of Yazidi/Yezidi Sinjar Defence Units (HPŞ), Kurdish Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and (Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG)-trained) Yezidi Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ) have repeatedly repelled Islamic State forces.

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Fresh evidence points to destruction of Yazidi temples by Islamic State

Hyperallergic have published my analysis and confirmation of new video regarding the destruction of Yezidi temples in Babila. Contact Transterra Media to buy it. I’ve included more frames from the relevant videos here, for comparison.

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Assessing the destruction of Yezidi shrines, demonstrating the Islamic State’s programme of genocide

Hyperallergic have also published my piece on assessing the destruction of Yezidi shrines, where I point out that, despite problems with access, confusion, fear and propaganda, we know that the Islamic State is advancing its programme of genocide.


Islamic State has destroyed yet another Yezidi shrine (Sinjar, Iraq, by 29th October 2014)

Acid Jordi (@Aceeeeeed) shared video frames that showed that ‘#ISIS destroyed another ancient #Yazidi #Ezidi Shrine in the #Sinjar area’. They were taken from an official release of the Nineveh Mandate of the Islamic State. It was yet another advertising brochure for death and destruction. Êzidî Press (@EzidiPress) is still trying to confirm whether or not it is Quba Memê Reşan (Meme Reshan Shrine), but the building has distinctively Yezidi architecture, and the images are not fake, so the Islamic State is continuing its programme of genocide.

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Islamic State massacre and urbicide of Yezidis

The precise nature of the horrors suffered by the Yezidis of Jidalê is unclear, but there is photographic evidence of killings of civilians and destruction of civilian property, which reaffirms the evidence that the Islamic State is an urbicidal, genocidal state.

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Something else Yezidi has been destroyed. It may have been the shrine of Sheikh Sin.

The Êzidî Press (@EzidiPress) has released another video of a ruined religious site. ‘Yezidi holy place/sacred site Quba Sheikhsin destroyed by IS terrorists. [Von IS-Terroristen zerstörte êzîdîsche Heiligenstätte Quba Sheikhsin.]’

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Something Yezidi has been destroyed. It may have been the Shrine of Sheikh Mikhfiya and its cemetery.

The Êzidî Press (@EzidiPress) has released a video of a ruined religious site (which others have shared). ‘Yezidi pilgrimage site destroyed by IS terrorists. Even the cemetery found behind it was largely destroyed. At the shrine, which is in Cegara village, is located the holy place/sacred site of Sheikh Mikhfiya. [Von den IS-Terroristen zerstörte êzîdîsche Pilgerstätte. Auch der sich dahinter befindliche Friedhof wurde größtenteils zerstört. Bei der Pilgerstätte handelt es sich um die im Dorf Cegara gelegene Heiligenstätte des Sheikh Mikhfiya.]’ (My translation is not perfect, but the basic information is fairly secure.)

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Islamists and anti-government conspiracy theorists do exploit my work, but they’re not very good at it

Previously, I’ve warned Islamists, ‘do not try to use my research for your propaganda: the Islamic State’s bigotry and violence is all too real’. Appropriately enough, left-wing and right-wing, anti-Anglo-American or anti-government conspiracy theorists ignore that too. I can’t do much to stop them exploiting my work, but I can point out that they’re not very good at it. After all, I’ve found out that they’re doing it because their target audiences have actually followed their links and read my work for themselves.

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The Yezidi shrine of Shaqsebat in Babire (Iraq) appears to have been destroyed, but it is difficult to tell from the evidence

It appears, from photographic evidence in the Êzîdî Press, that the Islamic State (1) has destroyed another regional pilgrimage site, the shrine of Shaqsebat in the five-village community of Babire in the region of Sheikhan [Sinjar (2)] [Sheikhan/Shaikhan (4)], north of Tel Kayf, near Mosul [in Ninawa Governorate].

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There is no evidence (yet) of the destruction of the Shrine of Sayeda Zeinab

First I debunked claims of that the Islamic State (1) had destroyed the Shrine of Sayeda Zeinab (2) in Sinjar (3), then I confirmed the source of those claims with other evidence. Inevitably, the time has come for me to debunk myself. I explained my nagging doubts about that evidence the other day, and András Riedlmayer judged that my querying was probably right.

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