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Armenian Genocide archaeology at risk in Syrian Civil War

Ararat magazine recently reported on Syria and the Mass Graves of the Genocide, warning that the Syrian Civil War could endanger archaeological evidence of the Armenian Genocide.

Obviously, the most important thing is the safety of the civilian population; but the safety of Syrian cultural heritage, including the negative heritage of the Armenian Genocide, is also important. This is especially true as damage to or destruction of mass graves from the genocide could constitute ethnic cleansing, and presage further, direct violence against the living.

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note: democracy on trial in Turkey

Having explored censorship in Turkey – in terms of freedom of expression and access to information – sadly, it is no surprise to read:

The Christian Science Monitor has asked, “is model Turkey sliding into totalitarianism?” The answers do not make encouraging reading.

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Turkey: historic buildings, artefacts burned for TV; or not

A few weeks ago, there was really disheartening news in the Turkish press. Apparently, two Turkish TV shows had nonchalantly burned historic buildings and artefacts of the long-displaced Greek (Rum) community; but at least one of the shows assured the public that the news reports were wrong.

It seems the reassuring news was little reported within Turkey, and did not reach the (anyway minimal) English-language discussion.  This is an attempt to explain and correct the rumour.

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