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Hi! I’m Sam Hardy (samarkeolog). You can contact me via e-mail or Twitter (samarkeolog/conflictantiq).

Conflict Antiquities

Conflict antiquities are ancient artefacts that are looted, smuggled and/or sold to fund military or paramilitary activity. On top of the immediate violence, this plunder has a devastating impact on communities’ self-understanding, development and peace.

Here, I explore the trade in illicit antiquities, and the destruction of community and cultural property, during economic crises, by organised crime and through political violence. I focus on investigating and analysing crimes against cultural heritage and community property.

I also cover other uses/treatments of cultural property (from appropriation to vandalism); and the social, economic and political context (for example, state censorship). My primary research area is Cyprus, Greece and Turkey; but I look at art crime and conflict outside the Eastern Mediterranean too.


I’m an archaeologist by training. But I’ve done cultural heritage work, documenting site biographies; ethnographic research, conducting interviews and oral histories to explore nationalist violence and historiographies; criminological investigation into cultural property violations; data analysis of community participation in cultural property crime; English teaching, proofreading, copy-editing; office work, shop work, bar work; concert venue technical assistance…

(In order of first professional stay) I’ve lived, studied and/or worked in Britain, Greece, (all too briefly) Kosovo, Cyprus, Turkey and the Netherlands. I can speak Greek and Turkish (with a village accent).

I am (very) actively looking for work, ideally research, communication, data analysis or data processing. If you need something doing, or if your institution/country might support someone doing something, I am available.


I moderate comments, to block spam and bigotry. Because I shift between unemployment and precarity, I do not always have regular internet access; but I will reply to e-mails and tweets (and approve and reply to comments) as soon as possible.

10 Comments to “about; contact; employ”

  1. Dear Sam (if I may),

    I have been following your old blog for a while and will be following this one. I am not an archaeologist, but a historian from Cyprus. I have worked in archaeological projects and I am all too aware of the impact of politics on archaeology (and vice versa). I am particularly concerned about the state of old Famagusta, left in limbo and crumbling. Good luck with your work.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for commenting – especially because now I’ve found your blog.



  3. Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask you to give me your email. I organise intercultural programs to the Kosovo region and want to ask you to contact us with the Turkish, Roma and Croatian minorities in this place.

    Thank you,
    best regards:

    Szikra Csaba,

  4. Am a 1st year student of archaeology but i want 2 no more about archaeology. Some say its all about digging. I chose it because i love adventures an research.

    • It’s not all digging; there’s a lot of scientific analysis, historical study… There aren’t many jobs; but there are certainly opportunities for research and adventures!

  5. I’m relatively new to your blog and find it absolutely fascinating. I’m currently a student in a paralegal studies program as well as a digital forensics program. I have an undergraduate degree in art history, interned at an art museum in the American midwest, and participated in a medieval dig in southern France. I am hoping to combine these interests and somehow forge a new career in the areas of law or law enforcement.

  6. Congratulations, Sam!

    I have nominated your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

    More about this nomination is at


  7. Well deserved :) Keep blogging!

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