update and correction: unknown gunmen have killed two excavation workers, kidnapped two [now freed] archaeologists in Nigeria

Unfortunately, there has not been any more news on rescue efforts yet. However, I have found more reports with more details, so I have updated my post. Most importantly, I thought that the killed hunters had been security escorts, but other reports have shown that they were excavation workers. So, it is the case that five still-unknown gunmen (two with machetes, three with ‘heavy guns’) have killed two excavation workers, kidnapped two archaeologists in Nigeria. Most of the new information comes from interviews of Sani Aliyu and Usman Kagarko by Premium Times.

Update (26th February 2017)

Police have relayed that the two German archaeologists who were kidnapped for ransom, professor Peter Breunig and student Johannes Behringer, have been freed. ‘No ransom was paid when they were freed’, according to the police (paraphrased by Reuters, which I learned via Paul Barford); though, equally, no details were given. Presumably, the police are still in pursuit of the murderers of the attempted rescuers.

Update (27th February 2017)

According to the unfortunately phrased Associated Press (AP) report, ‘Nigerian security forces… freed’ Breunig and Behringer. Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai ‘commended the security agencies for their efforts in securing the release of the Germans’, though he did ‘not say whether anyone had been arrested for the kidnapping[s]’… or for the murders? (However, it was written by a journalist in Kaduna. Presumably, he used “kidnapping” to refer to the entirety of the event, including the murders.

El-Rufai posted the third-person statement on his Facebook page.

Abducted German Archeologists Regain Freedom
The abducted German archaeologist, Professor Peter Breunij, and his research assistant, Johannes Buringer, have been freed.
A Kaduna State Government statement said that Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai has commended the security agencies for their efforts in securing the release of the Germans.
Samuel Aruwan
Special Assistant to the Governor (Media and Publicity)

This does suggest that Breunig and Behringer were literally freed by the security forces, rather than released by the kidnappers because they were being pursued by the security forces. It also prompts questions.

Smart J Iliya responded: ‘Commendable. But you have maintained undue silence and seeming indifference about what will happen to the families of the brave hunters who were allegedly killed by the kidnappers when they attempted to rescue the Germans. Let’s for once do something to encourage heroic acts no matter how little it appears to be pls.’

Shomo Anthony suggested that ‘they know how to rescue foreigner[s,] but can not protect the people of southern kaduna from terrorist herdsmen’.

It is not clear whether there is another published source, whether he has a personal local source or whether he is merely repeating hearsay, but Abduljalil Aminu claimed that ‘[an]other source said’ that a ‘ransom’ had ‘been paid’.

Hopefully, the whole story will emerge in time; more importantly, these communities will finally gain physical and economic security.

Update (28th February 2017): crowdfunding for families of murdered excavation workers Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim

As I heard through Alison Atkin and Jacq Matthews, Zacharys Anger Gundu, Akinwumi Ogundiran and Willeke Wendrich have opened a crowdfunding account for donations to Support the Families of Two Murdered Janjela Heroes, Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim, the excavation workers who were killed when they tried to prevent the kidnap of archaeologists Peter Breunig and Johannes Behringer.

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